Mavericks vs. Stockport Atlas

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Final Score: 58 - 64  |  Match Details    Stats

By Nikos Silikas
"Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori."
Stockport had to deal with a mini crisis, in terms of results, and it did so with a solid and professional performance over Mavericks. This was always going to be a tricky away fixture. It proved to be a challenging and a thrilling game. It even attracted local celebrities like Mike Nichols!
It started with a very close first quarter, where the dominant presence of Neil S was pivotal for Stockport. Atlas managed to narrowly go ahead in the quarter by 14-16 and Neil contributed 8 of those points (8 of the first 10 scored).
The second quarter was the most productive for Stockport that won the quarter by 13-21. It also included the best run that we had in the game. A 10-0 run (end of the first, beginning of second quarter). The quarter was marked by the 11 straight points from Max G (including three 3-pointers). This was at a crucial time and responded in kind to three 3-pointers from Mavericks. The half, finished with Stockport leading by 37-27. This 10-point lead proved to be crucial.
The second half was a bit scrappier, and predominantly it was the case of Stockport protecting their lead. Mavericks came back strong and won the third quarter by 20-16. The last quarter was the worst in terms of basketball quality. Both teams scored 11 points each. Stockport struggled in the last four minutes only managing 1 point. Mavericks though, were not capable of taking advantage. Stockport was leading throughout the game, was always in control and deserved their win.
The final score was 64-58 to Stockport despite their extremely poor free throw percentage of 8/22 (36%), including 1/8 in the first half.
Max G had a great game leading the scoring with 18 points and followed closely by Neil S with 16. Kyriakos N contributed 12 points. It was a very good team performance with everybody helping substantially during their court time. Even better, a great pub was designated after the game where a selection of ales (e.g. Black Cat) was much appreciated! J
This pub selection process is critical in maintaining the team morale and a prerequisite for the well-being of the author of these reports!

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